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Change Your Life For Better!

Embracing Change: Your Go-To Guide To Your Desired Future will help you get past that which holds so many of us back – our fear and resistance to change.

Entertaining and educational, Embracing Change is chock full of quotes and interview excerpts from dozens world renown entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, scientists and academics who share their stories, wisdom and suggestions of how best to reach that place author Rudy Poe calls, "Your Desired Future".

Embracing Change also provides you the opportunity to build your own personal “Change Log” through a number of simple yet effective thought exercises that will result in a personal map that charts your course forward and enables you to effectively create positive, ever-lasting change in your life.

Embracing Change: Your Go-To Guide To Your Desired Future is inevitably going to be one of your best investments in you.

* Embracing Change is the official book of the Convivian Empire.

What People are Saying :

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You do such a good job of taking "fear" out of change. I like your funny little way of keeping us entertained with sounds & visuals.

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This is my first online class and I find it very stimulating. Something I go back and reflect on the lessons many times during the day.

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I want to thank you for your efforts on Embracing Change, it has been very helpful for me during this nightmare we are all living through. 

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