I’m starting a country.

It's called, Convivia: Empire of Awesomeness.

Here’s your invitation to become a citizen!

Watch this and become a Convivian!

(and an Ambassador of Awesomeness)


It' simple!

Agree to the pledge and receive a  special gift from Auteur Rudy!

Convivian Citizenship Pledge

As a Convivian, I promise I will always do my very best to be:

Active, aware, awesome, bold, brave, committed, compassionate, courageous, creative, curious, dedicated, educated, entrepreneurial, ethical, fearless, fun, giving, grateful, healthy, imaginative, innovative, inspirational, interesting, kind, mindful, nice, open-minded, optimistic, organized, passionate, patient, positive, present, productive, purposeful, real, resilient, respectful, simple, smart, temperate,  transformative, worthy, witty and wise.

As a Convivian, I also pledge I will be the very best Change Maker I can be. As such, I recognize there is always much to be learned and that change is an opportunity for new and better.

As a Convivian, I agree to celebrate and promote awesomeness and to engage in imagining, creating and transforming my life, my community and my world for better.

As a Convivian, I am a member of an extraordinary community whose attitudes and actions promote the power of positivity and a sense of optimism.

As Convivian, I will always be transparent, truthful and never take myself too seriously. As a Convivian, I recognize I am also an Ambassador of Awesomeness. As such I realize this comes with great responsibility and requires me to be a future-forward thinker and doer, a creative problem solver, prudent decision maker and lover of fun.

Sign The Pledge!

By choosing my Convivian Name and entering my email below I agree live up to this pledge to be a Convivian and an Ambassador of Awesomeness.

Also please feel free to share any messages, skills or resources you’d be interested in contributing to this noble effort with Auteur Rudy!

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