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Curriculum Vitae


Entrepreneur, Media Producer, Director, Writer, Designer, Storyteller, Father, Husband, Problem Solver,  Creator, Futurist, Filmmaker, Photographer, Lifelong Learner, Teacher, Self-Actualizer, Funnist, Instigator, Agent Of Change


Embracing The Change, Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, and Host, 2020-

  • Online course, seminars and book designed to be your go-to guide to embracing the future and “The Change”.

Here. Us. Now., Writer, Producer, Director Editor, 2014 

  • Feature documentary focusing a mother and father’s journey to save their two young daughters from an ultra-rare, deadly disease.

The Imagine it! Project, Co-Founder, Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, 2007 – 2010

  • Co-creator of two feature documentaries and Video Thought Library with 80+ luminaries from Stanford, MIT, the Smithsonian, National Academy of Engineers, Lincoln Center, Pixar and others.


Rudy Poe Inc., Huntington Beach, CA (, Founder 2009 -

  • A personal media brand and consulting firm with select clients in retail, medical, fashion and technology industries. Develops branding/imaging, educational and media solutions across various mediums.

JustFoodForDogs, Irvine, CA (, Co-Founder 2010 –

  • A ground-breaking company focused on creating the category of fresh, human-grade food for pets. Worked with partners in branding, media production and technology solutions.

Eleventh Day Entertainment, Encino, CA ( Co-Founder, President, Executive Producer, Director, Editor

  • Produced over 200 hours of video programming and multimedia content.
  • Orchestrated building of one of the first high-definition post-production facilities in Los Angeles.
  • Co-managed client relations with television networks, corporations, foundations and the military.
  • Interviewed and worked with celebrities from Entertainment, Sports and Politics.
  • Responsible for all strategic planning, personnel, production, finance and business affairs.
  • Provided creative direction for communications related media projects.
  • Received Emmy, Image, Cine and numerous other prestigious awards.


River Road Productions, Universal City, CA 1994 – 1995

  • Produced 100 Years of Cinema documentary series for Showtime Networks.
  • Hired and managed staff and freelance production personnel. 
  • Developed and established mutli-media research database. 
  • Negotiated licensing contracts with hundreds of archives. 
  • Interfaced with celebrity talent and network executives.

Point Blank Productions, Inc., Los Angeles, CA 1989 - 1991 & 1993 - 1994
Unit Production Manager/Assistant Director/Research & Post Production Supervisor

  • Managed various aspects of of Turner documentaries, “In Search Of Dr. Seuss” & “MGM: When the Lion Roars”.
  • Responsible for day-to-day operations of 100+ person production/creative teams.
  • Dr. Seuss film was nominated for 7 Emmy Awards. MGM series won Emmy for “Best Informational Series”.

Creative Impact, Inc., Costa Mesa, 1989 – 1993
Creative Director

  • Developed and created advertising and PR campaigns for clients in sports/health/lifestyle industries.
  • Provided creative direction on layout and design, copywriting and photo/video shoots.
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