What Am I Going To Do With All These Extra Years?

book review longevity Jun 24, 2020

Title: My Plan For Living To 156

Author: Dan Sullivan

Category: Health & Longevity

My Brain and I  plan on living a long-long time. There’s so much to do in life and so if we want to experience all these things and meet all the people we’ve yet to meet, we really have no choice. I mean, the alternative is not at all appealing.

That being the case, in our quest for longevity, we read quite a few books to educate ourselves on the subject. As of late, I’ve noticed that a number of my friends don’t feel the same way – which is curious. I mean, why would you not want to live a long, happy and healthy life? Of course, there are a number of objections that I guess could make sense – Things like, “If I live a long time, all my friends will be gone.” Or, “How am I going to afford it?” I get that. But with the right attitude, there are answers to those questions – and author Dan Sullivan shares them with us.

When skeptics ask Dan, “Do you think you can actually do what the title suggests and live to 156?”  his response is, “I know I won’t if I don’t have it as a goal.” He goes on to say whether or not he makes it is not the point. It’s how he lives his life in the interim.  It’s about mindset. And that’s what his book "My Plan For Living To 156" is all about.

In this easy to read book (it only takes an hour and there are even fun illustrations), Dan Sullivan, author and founder of Strategic Coach Inc., tackles these objections and presents a viable alternative and methodology that  that will predispose you to being able to see yourself continuing well into the future and transform your thinking about not only your future but your past and present as well.

While Dan’s chosen number is 156, your number may be different. But whatever your goal, doesn’t the idea of a few extra decades sound intriguing?  Imagine meeting your great-great-grandchildren or traveling to more far-away places than you’ve previously imagined. Or having newfound, purposeful opportunities that excite you and get you out of bed every morning? 

We’re at a unique time in history that makes Dan’s goal quite possible and since the future begins now, it’s a great time to spend one hour of one day to consider Dan's way of thinking. It could be an hour that changes - and extends your entire life.

Oh, I have to add, it might take you more than an hour to figure out what you’re going to do with all those extra years.

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