I have Rudyisms. What do you have?

toolkit Apr 17, 2021

Ok, I’ll bet your first question is, “What exactly is a Rudyism?” I’m glad you asked.

Rudyisms are my truths. My guiding principles. The phrases my brain and I go-to when we’re stuck, frustrated, need a reminder as to what’s important or we’re in need of a calming, uplifting, logical perspective. 

Rudyisms are born from a variety of sources.

Sometimes they’re other people’s guiding truths and I simply liberate them or modify them for myself (by the way, this is perfectly acceptable). A good example of this is a Rudyism my brain modified from a quote I found from Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM, “You are capable of excellence today. Just stop being mediocre as of this very moment.”

Sometimes they emanate from something someone says in conversation and it just sticks – like several years ago when my then 12-year-old son told me, “Awesomeness is key.” That became a Rudyism. When he said that my brain suddenly awoke and said, “Write that down Rudy. That’s a good one.”

Those who have lived longer than I have also been great sources of Rudyisms… like this one from my Mom, “Can’t never did anything.” This Rudyism is a little different because she used to tell me that over and over again, long before I was aware of the importance, or existence of, Rudyisms. In retrospect, that was a little more than motherly brainwashing – for the better I might add.

Other times, my memory escapes me and I have no idea where I got a Rudyism. Here’s one that fits that bill, “Today is a glorious opportunity.”

“No means try again.” is one of my favorite Rudyisms (actually they’re all my favorites or they wouldn’t be Rudyisms). Funny thing about this one is years after it was already a Rudyism I found out someone one-upped me and said it better. In this case it was from Peter Diamandis and his “Peter’s Laws” (his version of Rudyisms). His version is Peter’s Law #11 “No simply means begin again at one level higher.”

Other times, I simply make them up – like “Why rant when you can rave?”

By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that the through-line to Rudyisms has to do with mindset – positive mindset. Rudyisms are very simple; they help me change my mindset, my frame of mind, my attitude. And who doesn’t need to do that from time to time? We all get stuck. We all get down in the dumps - especially when things aren’t going our way. For me, when that happens, it’s Rudyisms to the rescue.

Which brings me to the question: What are your Rudyisms? What are your Kate-isms, Elliot-isms or whatever-your-name is–isms?

If you don’t have any -isms (or even if you do), open your mind and dig into your memory banks. I’m pretty sure there’s something in there that will be a good starting place. Think about what phrases you live by or nuggets of conversation that have struck a chord. Perhaps you’ve read a quote or there was a lyric in a song that runs around in your head. You’ll discover there’s oh-so-many sources of wisdom out there if you simply open your mind and tune into the concept of Rudyisms.  

May I also suggest you write them down. Otherwise (and I know this to be true) they vanish… back into the universe where they came from.

My go-to way of remembering possible Rudyisms when they occur is to type them into my Notes app on my phone. Photos work too… if you see a phrase on a sign or a billboard or on your phone, snap a quick photo or grab a screenshot and make an album of your inspiration-isms.  With all that at your disposal it makes it super easy to revisit them from time to time and build your -ism toolkit.

Lastly, print them out and post them on your computer, your frig, your bathroom mirror or where ever you so choose. I can assure you they will be excellent reminders that will provide you with a daily dose of inspiration and change all of your days – for the better.

With that, I’ll leave you with one final Rudyism…



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