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TEDx Conejo

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the TEDx Conejo event on Saturday. The theme of the day was “What’s the big idea” and apparently everyone wanted to know as the Sherr Auditorium in the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, California was completely full. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the day as I have never been to a TED event but by the end of the day I was thoroughly impressed and inspired. One of the producers of the event, Don Levy opened the day by stating that the purpose of the event was to raise awareness of all the creative thinking and doing of people right here in our local community. By the end of the day I realized that there really is a wealth of talent out there and it’s not just those on the national stage doing amazing and important work. The thing that surprised me most was how many of the speakers made a connection to spirituality through their creative work. In retrospect it really shouldn’t have been a surprise as it was quite obvious that while the “big ideas” that were discussed were born in these people’s brains, they were speaking from the heart. If you come across a TEDx event in your area, I would highly recommend it.