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The Power of Art, Barter and Gifting

Jesse Fortune's adventure.

Jesse Fortune's adventure.

I went to a wonderful presentation over the weekend at the Huntington Beach Art Center. It was given by Jesse Fortune who shared his experiences from his Epic Art Quest ( In a nutshell, earlier this year he traveled for 45 days around Europe with only a few essential belongings, a $9 easel and some paint supplies. He paints Plein Air paintings (outdoor and in the moment for those of you not familiar with the term). On this journey he painted small acrylic paintings and then bartered, gifted and sold them along the way to fund his journey. Sometimes he would barter for a couch to sleep on, or sell them for a few Euro to pay for meals, additional art supplies, transportation or an occasional beer. At times he would meet and converse with locals and tourists who, at times, would simply offer him a few Euro just to help him continue his journey. He was, as he put it, "An Ambassador of Art" (or something along those lines). He learned among other things how art transcends the barriers of culture, politics and even language.  It sounded like a wonderful experience. I wonder how a journey like that might apply to my photography but alas, I am not as young, adventurous or courageous as Jesse. That said, ever since the presentation I have been wondering if there is a page I can take out of his book and apply it in a small way to my life and work (at his suggestion to all in the room). So to that end, I'd like to try an experiment here in California where I live and only have to sleep on the couch if I choose to do so :). 

I would like to propose to any person or company who may be interested in 1) bartering for either my fine artwork or commercial photography services or 2) sharing with me a suggestion for gifting a print or photo service to a person or entity that could benefit from that gift of photography.

Just like Jesse's trip, I don't know exactly where this journey will take me, or who I will meet in the process but I think that's part of the fun and charm of such an adventure.

So that said, if you're interested, please reach out, let's talk and see where it leads. Just go to my contact page and shoot me a note. I will share my findings as I go so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Have an awesome day!