2017 looks to be a great year. Why? Because the time has come where I am finally going to focus on "my" work. I spent much of the past year shooting, editing and organizing my Artisan photography collections in preparation for the new year and beyond. I will of course continue to work with select clients on both photography and documentary projects but I am most excited about expanding my personal creative body of work. 

Over the past year or so I have shot literally thousands of images, developing a couple of different styles and techniques. I utilize tools from both the past and present to create my images including antique lenses to capture impressionistic images and my “Mélange” lighting and editing technique I created to shoot and digitally mix multiple exposures into beautiful, engaging images that simply cannot be created with a single click of the shutter. After two years of experimenting with different labs I’ve also finally found a lab that can do my images justice by making “old school” chromogenic prints that are actually processed with chemicals. All very exciting. 

I have applied to numerous juried art shows around the Southwest and as of this moment, have been accept into shows in Arizona, San Diego and Palm Springs and am awaiting a number of other responses, to which I am hopeful. Three people have ordered commissions for me to shoot in the upcoming months and if all goes well, my work will also be represented at a couple of well-respected art expos and galleries around the country later in the year. 

I have also decided to market my work using my full name Rüdiger which I have only previously used on a handful of select film projects for which I am most proud. And yes, I’m finally going to work hard to promote myself and my work using social media! To that end, I have a new website, facebook page and instagram account specific to this aspect of my work. If you’re so inclined, please check out and rudigergallery on Facebook & instragram. I plan on actually writing a lot this year to share my journey and work so we’ll see what kind of progress I make there as well. 

Bring it on 2017! I’m ready for you.

Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!



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